xsatria Rock-ET ver 1.0 [Meteorology & Technology]

rock-ET ver 1.0 by Tommy Agustianto
rock-ET ver 1.0 by Tommy Agustianto

the rocket can measure the different of Grafity, when the rocket lauched..the Gravity will be measure by

ADXL type sensor, that can detect the diff of G’….hehe….

not only grafity but also so many things that the rocket can do…measure the temperature, Humidity and Air Pressure….

the data transmitted from the rocket to the ground base [we call it as GROUND SEGMENT] via Wireless Serial Connection.

it’s up to 2 km far…hohoho……

@ the ground segment,we can see the measurement result of the rocket!! before fly away to the sky….the rocket was Calibrated first, to minimalize the error, so the result can closely accurate….

I’ made the software for the ground segment with C, that the software can logging and make a graphic.

I use ATmega8 for controller, I think it’s enough…

@future, I’m planning to make a Inertial Rocket with Navigation System…

so I can control the rocketttt…and fly to moon…….


best regards….

Tommy Agustianto

xsatria Rock-ET ver 1.0 [Meteorology & Technology]

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