On Goin’ my ‘iseng’ Projects

ok, lebaran telah usai..ehehehe back to work, back to solder, tin and a lot of wires.

1. Arm-Robot 6-DOF / honestly this is my Master Degree Thesis, hehe

the target : there’s an alternative cheap industrial robot, made in Indonesia for sure.

Process : 30%

update :

a. Kinematics Modelling Done

b. Cad Done


2. Near Space Communication and Imaginery

the target : testing my own mini-computer board capability in free-fall area and extreme temperature. I’ll using Airmax for the communication link since its written on the datasheet that its support multiKM communication, all of the payload and communication link would be brought by helium ballon into stratosphere (if you didnt know about this please read wikipedia first.hehe).

Process : 1%


3. Drone-Army

yeah, replace all jets with unmanned air-fighter UAV and Spyin Plane

Process : 80%

update :

a. modelling kit using balsa

b. installing servo

c. testing ground control software

d. flight controller re-design


4. Rocket / Propellant

I started research about this after looking at Lapan Rocket, they using solid KNO3 or Potassium Nitrate + Sugar + Propellant Booster like metal dust. I think Indonesia must be active in research about this sector, not only for defense but also for attack, hehe… Hidup Indonesia Tanah Airku!!

Process : 10 %

update :

a. collecting information for regulation of developing military technology in Indonesia

b. looking for Chemistry Shop, hehe, di bogor banyak inimah.


ok, I’ll update periodically klo ada time, hehe


Pemuda yang hebat adalah pemuda yang peduli terhadap bangsanya!




On Goin’ my ‘iseng’ Projects

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